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FEM Meshes by Extrusion of Quadrilateral and Triangular Grids

Creating 3D Semi-Structured Grids Using Extrusion

When generating grids and meshes for fully three-dimensional structures with constant cross section in one or more directions, it is often advantageous to first create a two dimensional grid and extrude it to 3D, rather than generate a full 3D grid directly. By using the extrusion technique more control over the grid …

Parametric FEATool Multiphysics FEM Studies with Gmsh and CAD File Import

Parametric Structural Mechanics Study with Imported CAD Geometry

This tutorial builds on and continues the previous CAD and Gmsh file import and mesh generation tutorial. A parametric deformation and stress analysis of the imported fixed wrench and spanner CAD model will be performed with a number of different load configuration cases. The following five steps are all that is …

Gmsh CAD File Import and Mesh Generation Tutorial | FEATool

CAD File Import, Mesh, and Grid Generation with Gmsh

Gmsh is a cross platform two and three dimensional mesh and grid generation software tool. As Gmsh supports many CAD file formats such as STEP, IGES, and STL, and also includes a variety of integrated mesh generation algorithms, such as Tetgen, Netgen, and Blossom-Quad, Gmsh can be used with FEATool to allow for more …

Periodic Boundary Conditions for FEM Finite Element Method | FEATool

Periodic Boundary Conditions and the Solver Hook Functionality

This post describes how to implement finite element FEM models with custom periodic boundary conditions in FEATool. A periodic boundary condition can be defined for opposing boundaries so that their values are linked in some defined way. The typical case for two periodic boundaries is to require them to have identical …

Modeling and Simulation of Axisymmetric Swirl Flow | FEATool

Modeling and Simulation of Axisymmetric Swirling Flows

Fluid Flow Simulations with Swirl Effects Fluid flows with swirl effects can occur in rotationally symmetric geometries where the azimuthal or angular velocity component is non-zero. In this case one must solve the fully three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations. However, due to the assumption that azimuthal variations …

Unstructured Matlab 2D Mesh and Grid Generation using Triangle | FEATool

Triangle Mesh Generator GUI and CLI Integration with FEATool

FEATool-Triangle Mesh Generator Integration This update fully integrates J.R. Shewchuk’s fast and efficient 2D mesh and grid generator Triangle with FEATool [1][2][3]. Both Matlab and Octave command line interface (CLI) usage is supported with the gridgen_triangle function, as well as FEATool GUI usage with the …

Creating 3D Interactive Plotly Visualizations with Matlab | FEATool

Interactive 3D Data and Simulation Visualizations with Plotly and Matlab

FEATool can be used to easily generate interactive surface, contour, arrow, and other visualizations of unstructured mesh and simulation data in 1D, 2D, and 3D. As FEATool also supports Plotly as rendering and visualization engine it is possible to create, interactively explore, and share simulation and unstructured …