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Modeling of Resistive Heating in a Tungsten Filament

Coupled Multiphysics Modeling of Resistive Heating in a Tungsten Filament

The following tutorial discusses multiphysics modeling of resistive Joule heating simulated with the FEATool Multiphysics Octave and Matlab FEM toolbox. In the model the resulting current from an applied electric potential will heat a thin spiral shaped Tungsten wire, such as can be found in incandescent light bulbs. …

Matlab Modeling and FEM Simulation of Heat Induced Stress

Multiphysics Modeling of Heat Induced Stress in a Brake Disk

This tutorial illustrates how to couple a heat transfer model with linear elasticity by manually defining the multiphysics equations with the FEATool PDE syntax. The custom model examines how temperature rise in a brake disk under braking results in heat induced displacements with resulting increased stresses and …

Custom Multiphysics Equations and the Weak PDE Equation Syntax

Custom Equations and the Weak PDE Formulation Equation Syntax

The following post further examines PDE equation parsing and specifying custom equations in FEATool. Furthermore, a simple parametric heat transfer model will be shown and set up as a custom PDE equation, suitable for both the Matlab command line and m-script file modeling. Stationary heat transfer by conduction and …

FEM Modeling and Simulation of Heat Transfer in Matlab

Simulation and Modeling of Heat Transfer

FEATool supports modeling heat transfer through both conduction, that is heat transported by a diffusion process, and convection or advection, which is heat transported through a fluid through convection by a velocity field. The heat transfer physics mode supports both these processes, and is defined by the following …