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Creating 3D Interactive Plotly Visualizations with Matlab | FEATool

Interactive 3D Data and Simulation Visualizations with Plotly and Matlab

FEATool can be used to easily generate interactive surface, contour, arrow, and other visualizations of unstructured mesh and simulation data in 1D, 2D, and 3D. As FEATool also supports Plotly as rendering and visualization engine it is possible to create, interactively explore, and share simulation and unstructured …

Matlab Plot and Visualization on Unstructured Meshes and Grids

Visualization and Postprocessing on Unstructured Grids and Meshes with FEATool Functions

This post explains how to use Matlab and the FEATool postprocessing function library to import, plot, and visualize general data on unstructured grids and meshes. Although Matlab and Octave do include visualization functionality for surface and contour plots (with the surf and contour functions), it is currently …

Plotly and Matlab Integration with FEATool Multiphysics

Interactive Web Visualization and Postprocessing with Plotly

The Plotly javascript plotting and visualization library is now fully integrated with FEATool Multiphysics and can be used to visualize FEM simulation results and data. In comparison with the built-in Matlab and Octave graphics, plotly plots feature the following advantages fully self-contained and interactive web …

Advanced Matlab Command Line Postprocessing and Visualization

Advanced Command Line Postprocessing and Visualization

The following post breaks down and explains the postprocessing and visualization steps used to create the images and video for the axisymmetric stress-strain brake disk analysis model. By using the Octave or Matlab command line and exported finite element fea data struct one can create custom graphics and …