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FEM Euler Beam Modeling and Simulation in Matlab with FEATool Multiphysics

Euler-Bernoulli Beam - FEATool Modeling and Implementation Example

This post will discuss how to implement and model elastic deformations of simple beams with FEATool Multiphysics. Although also available as a pre-defined physics mode and GUI option, beams and truss structures can also be implemented and accurately simulated with slight extension of the available FEM Matlab functions …

Matlab Modeling and FEM Simulation of Heat Induced Stress

Multiphysics Modeling of Heat Induced Stress in a Brake Disk

This tutorial illustrates how to couple a heat transfer model with linear elasticity by manually defining the multiphysics equations with the FEATool PDE syntax. The custom model examines how temperature rise in a brake disk under braking results in heat induced displacements with resulting increased stresses and …

Matlab Modeling and FEM Simulation of Axisymmetric Stress-Strain

Axisymmetric Stress-Strain Script Modeling

Continuing on the previous post on axisymmetric modeling in FEATool, we will here take a look at how to model axisymmetric stress-strain from structural mechanics by entering and parsing the governing equations directly into FEATool using Matlab m-file scripting. The problem we will be looking at is a hollow sphere …

Parametric Finite Element Studies with Matlab M-Script Model Files

Parametric Study and Simulation using M-Script Model Files

Parametric studies can be very useful tools to clearly see how a model or simulation will behave under varying conditions. The following post presents a parametric study of the 3D bracket displacement model introduced previously where both the geometry, in this case plate thickness, and also the applied load force is …