CFDTool Update with OpenFOAM GUI and External CFD Solver Integration

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CFDTool - MATLAB CFD Toolbox with OpenFOAM GUI

The easy to use MATLAB® CFD Toolbox, CFDTool™, has been updated to version 1.3, and improved with an OpenFOAM® CFD Solver integration, support for compressible flows, and many solver and meshing improvements.

Based on the FEATool Multiphysics™ codebase the MATLAB CFD Toolbox, CFDTool, has been specifically designed and developed to make simple fluid dynamics and heat transfer simulations both easy and fun for everyone. Setting up and making MATLAB CFD simulations in MATLAB can be done in minutes with CFDTool.

OpenFOAM® GUI and External CFD Solver Integration

CFDTool has been upgraded with built-in and completely seamless OpenFOAM GUI integration for the popular and opensource OpenFOAM dedicated CFD solver. This allows pre-processing, setting up, and running, both laminar and turbulent, incompressible and compressible OpenFOAM CFD simulations, all within an easy and convenient GUI directly in MATLAB. With CFDTool, previously tedious and complex manual OpenFOAM case file generation steps such as:

  • mesh generation, conversion, and extraction of 2D to 3D/axisymmetric grids
  • boundary condition case files for constant and general expressions (for example for parabolic inflow profiles)
  • calculation of turbulent inlet boundary and initial conditions (k-epsilon and k-omega turbulence models)
  • initialization with potential flow field
  • CFD solver, solution, and analysis control
  • solution file interpolation and import with post-processing in the CFDTool MATLAB GUI

are now handled completely automatically. Setting up and running OpenFOAM simulations has never been as easy.

Compressible Flows

CFDTool has also been updated to handle compressible inviscid flows governed by the Euler equations. This allows modeling of both subsonic and supersonic flows with shock-waves, such as may be encountered in aeronautical and aerospace applications (built-in and pre-defined wing profile geometries are now also available as well as geometry import from STL CAD files).

Solver Enhancements

The built-in solver has been improved with specialized and more efficient finite element discretizations for flows featuring automated shock capturing and monotonicity preserving stabilization (effectively reducing unphysical effects such as under- and over-shoots).

CFD Meshing Improvements

CFDTool now also includes and external mesh generator that allows for structured meshing of boundary layers, important for resolving near wall effects for viscous and turbulent flows. In addition mesh import from several different formats such as Gmsh, GMV, GiD, FEniCS, and Triangle is also fully supported.

Please visit the CFDTool website or MATLAB File Exchange for more information, and to download and try CFDTool today.

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