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asmrowcolptr.m File Reference


ASMROWCOLPTR Compute row and column pointers for sparse matrix assembly.

[ VROWINDS, VROWCOLS, N_ROWS, N_COLS ] = ASMROWCOLPTR( C_SFUN, P, C, A, N_MAX_CELLS, ADOFMAPTRIAL, ADOFMAPTEST ) Determines the row and column pointer arrays for a bilinear form.

Input        Value/[Size]           Description
c_sfun       strings [2]            Shape functions used for the trial and test
                                    function spaces respectively
p            [n_sdim,n_p]           Array with grid point coordinates
c            [n_vert,n_cells]       Array with cell connectivities, for each
                                    cell (column) points to vertices in p
a            [n_vert,n_cells]       Array with cell adjacency info, for each
cgroups      [n_groups]             Cell array of cell group indices
aDofMapTrial [n_ldof1,n_cells]      Precomputed local to global dof map (trial)
aDofMapTest  [n_ldof2,n_cells]      Precomputed local to global dof map (test)
Output       Value/[Size]           Description
vRowInds     [n_A]                  Row pointers to matrix entries
vColInds     [n_A]                  Column pointers to matrix entries
n_rows       scalar                 Number of rows in matrix
n_cols       scalar                 Number of columns in matrix
See also
assemblea, assemblef