FEATool Multiphysics  v1.16.6
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
assemblef.m File Reference


ASSEMBLEF Finite element assembly of linear form (rhs/load vector).

[ F ] = ASSEMBLEF( FORM, C_SFUN, C_COEF, ICUB, P, C, A, SIND, N_CMAX, PROB ) Assembles a finite element linear form (right hand side/load vector). Each column in FORM specify one linear additive term to compute. The FORM entries denote either function values or derivatives to evaluate. C_COEF specifies the coefficients to evaluate for each term in FORM. C_SFUN indicates which shape functions to use for the evaluation.

Input       Value/[Size]           Description
form        [n_forms]              Linear forms to compute and add
             1                      - function value
             2,3,4                  - x,y,z -derivatives
c_sfun      string                 Shape functions used for the trial space
c_coef      [n_forms]              Coefficients to multiply/scale each form
i_cub       scalar                 Numerical integration rule
p           [n_sdim,n_p]           Array with grid point coordinates
c           [n_vert,n_cells]       Array with cell connectivities, for each
                                   cell (column) points to vertices in p
a           [n_vert,n_cells]       Array with cell adjacency info, for each
                                   cell (column) points to cell neighbours
sind        [n_cells]              Subdomain indices
n_cmax      scalar {50000}         (optional) Max number of cells to assemble
                                   for at once (to limit memory consumption)
prob        struct                 Finite element problem struct, (optionally)
                                   used for evaluating the coefficients
Output      Value/[Size]           Description
f    [n_f]                         Right hand side/load vector
See also
assembleprob, mapdofbdr