FEATool Multiphysics  v1.16.5
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
assembleprob.m File Reference


ASSEMBLEPROB Assembly of system matrix and right hand side/load vector.

[ M, A, F, T_M, T_A, T_F, T_SP ] = ASSEMBLEPROB( PROB, VARARGIN ) Calls the assembly routines to compute and assemble a monolithic sparse system matrix and a right hand side/load vector as specified in the PROB struct. Accepts optional propery value pairs in VARARGIN.

Input       Value/[Size]           Description
prob        struct                 Problem definition struct
icub        scalar/{auto}          Numnerical integration rule used in assembly
                                         Default 1+max(shape function order)
imass       scalar {1}             Mass matrix lumping:  1 = Full mass matrix
                                   2 = row sum lumping,  3 = diagonal lumping
                                   4 = HRZ diagonal lumping
n_cmax      scalar {50000}         Max number of cells to assemble
                                   for at once (to limit memory consumption)
f_m         logical {false}        Assembly flag for mass matrix
f_a         logical {false}        Assembly flag for system matrix
f_f         logical {false}        Assembly flag for load vector
f_c         logical {true}         Assembly flag for integral constraints
f_sparse    logical {false}        Return sparse/struct matrix format
solcomp     {all dvars/subd}       Dependent variables/subdomains to assemble for
Output      Value/[Size]           Description
M           sparse [n_M]           Assembled mass matrix
A           sparse [n_A]           Assembled system matrix
f           [n_A,1]                Assembled rhs/load vector
t_m         scalar                 Time spent assembling mass matrix
t_a         scalar                 Time spent assembling system matrix
t_f         scalar                 Time spent assembling rhs/load vector
t_sp        scalar                 Time for sparse matrix conversion
See also
assemblea, assemblef, assemmat