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geom_split_lines.m File Reference


geom_split_lines Split intersecting lines.

[ P1, P2, TF ] = GEOM_SPLIT_LINES( P_L1, P_L2 ) Checks if the line segments P_L1 and P_L2 intersect and returns the corresponding coordinate(s) of splitting points in P1 and P2. TF indicates if and how the line segments should be split as (negative value indicates

collinear lines)
  1: Split line segment 1 at coordinate P1 (end point of line 2 touches line 1)
  2: Split line segment 2 at coordinate P2 (end point of line 1 touches line 2)
  3: Split both lines at P1=P2
 -1: Split line segment 1 at P1, and remove line segment 2
 -2: Split line segment 2 at P2, and remove line segment 1
 -3: Identical lines detected