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geom_split_lines.m File Reference


geom_split_lines Split intersecting lines.

[ P1, P2, TF ] = LINE_SPLIT( P_L1, P_L2 ) Tests if the line segments defined by P_L1 and P_L2 intersect and returns the corresponding coordinate(s) of splitting points in P1 and P2. TF indicates if and how the line segments should be split (with a negative value signifying

collinear lines)
  3: Split both line segments at P1 = P2
  2: Split line 2 at coordinate P2 (end point of line 1 touches line 2)
  1: Split line 1 at coordinate P1 (end point of line 2 touches line 1)
  0: Non-intersecting lines (P1 = P2 = [])
 -1: Split line 1 at P1 (and optionally P2), and remove line segment 2
 -2: Split line 2 at P2 (and optionally P1), and remove line segment 1
 -3: Identical lines detected (P1 = P2 = [])
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