FEATool Multiphysics  v1.14
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
geomtool_engine.m File Reference


GETOMTOOL_ENGINE GEOMTool system call helper.

[ GEOM, STAT, MSG ] = GEOMTOOL_ENGINE( S_CMD, FORMAT, SIGNAL ) Calls the external GEOMTool geometry engine with command S_CMD.

FORMAT is a string designating CAD format to import/export (valid formats are brep (default), iges, and step).

SIGNAL is optional and raises error exceptions if >0 or throws warnings for <0 (default).

MSG is the terminal output returned by GEOMTool.

The path to the GEOMTool binary must be specified in GEOMCFG. STAT returns zero if the system call is successful, and returns 2 without warning for subtract operation resulting in an empty result.

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