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gridalign2.m File Reference


GRIDALIGN2 Align vertices of quadrilateral cells with interface.

[ P, C, U ] = GRIDALIGN2( P, C, DIST, VERT, HTOL, P_INTF ) Aligns quadrilateral grid cell edges with the zero level of the distance function DIST. Accepts the following input and output arguments.

Property    Value/{Default}           Description
p           array  [n_p,2]            Array of grid vertices
c           array  [n_c,4]            Array of quadrilateral connectivities
dist        anonymous function        Distance function or geometry object
vert        array   [n_pfix,2]        Points that must be in the grid
htol        scalar  {0.2}             Cell size width fraction in grid snapping
p_intf      array  [2*n_l+nan,2]      Interface line segemet array (line format)
u           array  [n_p,1]            Output array of distance values in vertices
See also
gridgen_quad, quadmesh