FEATool Multiphysics  v1.15.4
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
impexp_gmv.m File Reference


IMPEXP_GMV Import/export grid in GMV format.

[ GRID ] = IMPEXP_GMV( FILE_NAME, MODE, DATA, N_SDIM, FID_LOG, SOLNUM ) Import or export of a General Mesh Viewer (GMV) .gmv format data file.

FILE_NAME is a string specifying the (root) file name to process. MODE can either be a string indicating import (no boundary reconstruction), import_bdr (boundary reconstruction with gridbdr), or export. For export, DATA can be either a whole data struct or just the grid struct. N_SDIM is the number of space dimensions. And SOLNUM is an optional solution number to export. A GRID struct is the returned output after importing. FID_LOG is an optional log file handle for message output (negative for gui output or empty for no output). For export, expressions stored in a DATA.post.expr cell array will be evaluated and exported as scalars.