FEATool Multiphysics  v1.16.4
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
intbdr.m File Reference


INTBDR Integation of expression over boundaries.

[ VAL ] = INTBDR( S_EXPR, PROB, IND_B, I_CUB, SOLNUM, IND_S ) Integrates the expression S_EXPR over the boundaries indicated in IND_B. PROB is a valid finite element problem struct, and I_CUB specifies the numerical integration rule. IND_S optionally specifies which subdomain to use as reference for internal/ interior boundaries (normals point out from these subdomains).

Input       Value/[Size]           Description
s_expr      string                 Expression to integrate
prob        struct                 Finite element problem struct
ind_b       [1,n_bdr]              Boundary numbers (default all)
i_cub       scalar                 Numerical integration rule (default 2)
solnum      scalar {n_sols}        Solution number/time to evaluate
ind_s       integer array          Integration subdomains for internal boundaries
Output      Value/[Size]           Description
val         scalar                 Result of integration
See also
intsubd, minmaxsubd, minmaxbdr