FEATool Multiphysics  v1.16.5
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
mapdofbdr.m File Reference


MAPDOFBDR Create degree of freedom and boundary maps.

[ N_GDOF, ADOFMAP, ABDRMAP ] = MAPDOFBDR( VARARGIN ) Computes a connectivity map to the global degrees of freedom on each cell, and optionally computes a boundary index vector for all degrees of freedom. Input parameters can either be old type call (P,C,A,B,NLDOF) or (C,B,NLDOF,XI) where the local dof coordinates XI is optional.

Input       Value/(Size)           Description
p           (2,n_p)                Array with grid point coordinates
c           (n_vc,n_c)             Array with cell connectivities, points
                                   to vertices in p for each cell
a           (n_cf,n_c)             Cell adjacency information, points to
                                   adjacent cells for each edge. If the edge
                                   is on a boundary the a entry is zero
b           (4-6,n_cb)             Boundary indicies for degress of freedom
nLDof       (n_bdgroups,4)         Number of local degrees of freedom on vertices
                                   edges, and cell interiors for boundary groups
xi          (2-4,sum(nLDof))       Coordinates of local dofs (optional).
Output      Value/(Size)           Description
n_gdof      (scalar)               Total number of degrees of freedom
aDofMap     (n_ldof,n_c)           Connectivity map giving degree of freedom
                                   numbers for each local dof on all cells
aBdrMap     (5+n_sdim,n_bdof)      Boundary dof map. First row is the cell number,
                                   followed by edge/face, boundary, global and
                                   local dof numbers, and local coordinates
                                   on edges/faces.