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plotgeom3.m File Reference


PLOTGEOM3 Visualize 3d geometries.

[ H ] = PLOTGEOM3( SIN, VARARGIN ) Function to plot and visualize geometry objects in three dimensions. SIN is a valid fea problem struct or cell array of geometry objects. Accepts the following property/value pairs.

Property    Value/{Default}           Description
facecolor   [.8 .8 1]                 Face style or fixed color
edgecolor   {k}                       Edge line color
linestyle   {-}                       Edge line style
linewidth   {1}                       Edge line width
highlight   {}                        Highlight selected geometry objects
labels      off|{on}                  Show geometry labels
fontsize    {2*axes default}          Font size used in labels
axequal     off|{on}                  Axis equal setting
bbox        {0.05}                    Size of bounding box (0=off)
ngrid       {25}                      Background grid resolution
alpha       {0.5}                     Transparency level
parent      {gca}                     Plot axes handle
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Required fields of sin: