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postplot3.m File Reference


POSTPLOT3 3D Postprocessing function.

[ H ] = POSTPLOT3( PROB, VARARGIN ) 3D Postprocessing function. PROB is a valid problem struct. Outputs an array H of plot object handles. Accepts the following property/value pairs.

Property    Value/{Default}           Description
surfexpr    string expression         Surface expression to plot
edges       on |{off}                 Show internal edges
isoexpr     string expression         Isosurface expression to plot
isolev      scalar{10}|vector         Number or vector of isosurface levels
isores      {[20 20 20]}              Isosurface interpolation resolution
sliceexpr   string expression         Slice expression to plot
slicex      [x-dir. middle of domain] Slice x-position coordinates
slicey      [y-dir. middle of domain] Slice y-position coordinates
slicez      [z-dir. middle of domain] Slice z-position coordinates
scatterexpr string expression         Scatter expression to plot
arrowexpr   3 string expressions      Arrow expressions to plot
arrowspacing vector {[10 10 10]}      Number of arrows in each direction
arrowcolor  {r}                       Arrow color
solnum      scalar {n_sols}           Solution number/time to plot
facecolor   {interp}                  Cell face style or fixed color
linestyle   {<tt>-</tt>}                     Cell edge line style
linewidth   {1}                       Line width
edgecolor   {k}                       Cell edge line color
boundary    off|{on}                  Show geometry boundary
alpha       {1}                       Transparency level
plotly      {0}                       Set plot parameters to support plotly export
title       string                    Plotly plot title
renderer    {empty string}|plotly     Render in Matlab/Octave or Plotly
parent      {gca}                     Axes handle to plot in