FEATool Multiphysics  v1.16.4
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
postplot.m File Reference


POSTPLOT Postprocessing and visualization function.

[ H ] = POSTPLOT( PROB, VARARGIN ) Postprocessing function to plot and visualize FEATool problems. PROB is a valid finite element problem struct. Accepts the following property/value pairs and optionally returns an array H of plot object handles.

Property    Value/{Default}           1D 2D 3D Description
surfexpr    string expression         x  x  x  Surface plot expression
surfhexpr   string expression            x     Expression for surface height plot
isoexpr     string expression            x  x  Contour/iso-surface plot expression
isolev      scalar{10}|vector            x  x  Number/vector of contour/iso-levels
isores      {[20 20 20]}                    x  Isosurface interpolation resolution
isomap      {jet}                        x  x  Colormap for iso-lines/surfaces
arrowexpr   n_sdim string expressions    x  x  Cell with arrow plot expressions
arrowcolor  {r}                          x  x  Arrow color
arrowspacing vector {[10 10 (10)]}       x  x  Number of arrows in each direction
arrowscale  scalar {1}                   x  x  Arrow size scaling
streamexpr  n_sdim string expressions    x  x  Streamline plot expressions
streamres   {[20 20 (20)]}               x  x  Streamline interpolation resolution
streamstart n_sdim x n_p array {20}      x  x  Streamline start coordinates
streamcolor {r}                          x  x  Streamline colors
sliceexpr   string expression               x  Slice plot expression
slicex      [x-dir. middle of domain]       x  Slice x-position coordinates
slicey      [y-dir. middle of domain]       x  Slice y-position coordinates
slicez      [z-dir. middle of domain]       x  Slice z-position coordinates
deformexpr  n_sdim string expressions    x  x  Cell with deformation expressions
deformscale scalar {auto}                x  x  Deformation scaling (geom fraction)
solnum      scalar {n_sols}           x  x  x  Solution number/time to plot
evalstyle   exact|{average}           x  x     Shape function evaluation type
gradrec     scalar {1}                x  x  x  Use gradient recovery for deriv.
                                               up to i:th order shape functions
axis        off|{on}                  x  x  x  Show axes
grid        on |{off}                 x  x  x  Show grid
view        {[-35 20]}                      x  3D view setting
axequal     off|{on}                  x  x  x  Axis equal setting
edges       on |{off}                       x  Show internal edges for surface plot
boundary    off|{on}                     x  x  Show geometry boundary
bbox        {0.05}                    x  x  x  Size of bounding box (0=off)
alpha       {1}                             x  Transparency level
facecolor   {interp}                     x  x  Cell face style or fixed color
linestyle   {1/3D:-}|{2D:none}        x  x  x  Line style
linewidth   {1}                       x  x     Line width
edgecolor   {k}                          x     Cell edge line color
color       {k}                       x        Line color
marker      {none}                    x        Marker style
markersize  {5}                       x        Marker size
markercolor {k}                       x        Marker color
cellabels   on|{off}                  x  x  x  Show cell numbers
nodelabels  on|{off}                  x  x  x  Show vertex/node numbers
fontsize    {axes default}            x  x  x  Font size used in text
colormap    {jet}                        x  x  Colormap for surface/slice plots
caxis       {auto}                    x  x  x  Surface/contour/iso/slice plot range
colorbar    {1D:off}|{2/3D:on}        x  x  x  Colorbar toggle
location    {eastoutside}             x  x  x  Colorbar location
selexpr     string expression         x  x  x  Expression to select cells to plot
selcells    {all}                     x  x  x  Index vector to cells to plot
selsubd     {all}                     x  x  x  Index vector to subdomains to plot
title       string                    x  x  x  Plotly plot title
renderer    {empty string}|plotly     x  x  x  Render in MATLAB or Plotly
plotlyfile  {default}                 x  x  x  Filename to use for plotly export
parent      {gca}                     x  x  x  Plot axes handle
setaxes     {on}|off                  x  x  x  Use axes modification settings