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sf_simp_P2.m File Reference


SF_SIMP_P2 Quadratic Lagrange shape function for simplices (P2).

[ VBASE, NLDOF, XLDOF, SFUN ] = SF_SIMP_P2( I_EVAL, N_SDIM, N_VERT, I_DOF, XI, AINVJAC, VBASE ) Evaluates conforming quadratic P2 Lagrange shape functions on simplices with values defined in the nodes. XI Barycentric coordinates.

Input       Value/[Size]           Description
i_eval      scalar:  1             Evaluate function values
                    >1             Evaluate values of derivatives
n_sdim      scalar: 1-3            Number of space dimensions
n_vert      scalar: 2-4            Number of vertices per cell
i_dof       scalar: 1-n_ldof       Local basis function to evaluate
xi          [n_sdim+1]             Local coordinates of evaluation point
aInvJac     [n,n_sdim+1*n_sdim]    Inverse of transformation Jacobian
vBase       [n]                    Preallocated output vector
Output      Value/[Size]           Description
vBase       [n]                    Evaluated function values
nLDof       [4]                    Number of local degrees of freedom on
                                   vertices, edges, faces, and cell interiors
xLDof       [n_sdim,n_ldof]        Local coordinates of local dofs
sfun        string                 Function name of called shape function
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