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FEAToolFree 1MultiphysicsProfessional
License TypeNon-commercial1 Year
Research / Commercial
Perpetual /
Volume / Site License
Product updatesn/a
Installation and activation support 2n/a
Technical and modeling support 3n/a
Customization & feature development 3n/a
Purchase 4,5n/aHK$ 3885 /
US$ 495
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1) The Free FEATool Multiphysics Online Trial license is only valid for personal evaluation and non-commercial use, is restricted to 2000 grid points/5000 degrees of freedom/unknowns, and limited to basic functionality and features.

2) All FEATool licenses includes support for activation, installation, and bug-related issues.

3) For inquiries regarding perpetual, site, and volume licensing as well as technical support, assistance and help with modeling, simulation consulting, and custom feature development.

4) Individual FEATool Multiphysics Licenses for research and commercial use are only available per 12 months/1 year basis, and purchased by credit card in Hong Kong Dollars (HK$). Custom invoiced orders can be made in any major currency.

5) Individual licenses are restricted to a single designated computer system/seat, and a 25% transfer fee is charged to transfer licenses between installations/seats (allowed a maximum one time per year).

FEATool MultiphysicsFeatures
Graphical User Interface GUI (MATLAB/Octave)
Command Line Interface CLI, scripting (MATLAB/Octave)
File/model format
- Binary
- m-file script (ASCII)
Geometry/CAD preprocessing
- 1D, 2D, Axisymmetry, 3D
- CAD File Import (2D/3D STL)
Grid/mesh generation
- Automatic (DistMesh, Gmsh, Triangle)
- Manual (Structured)
Grid import/export
- Dolfin XML (FEniCS), GiD, GMV,
Gmsh, OpenFOAM, Triangle
- Heat Transfer
- Euler-Bernoulli Beam
- Plane Stress
- Plane Strain
- Axisymmetric Stress-Strain
- Linear Elasticity 3D Solid
- Convection, Diffusion, and Reaction
- Darcy's Law
- Brinkman equations
- Incompressible Navier-Stokes eqn.
- Conductive Media DC
- Electrostatics
- Magnetostatics
- Poisson Equation
- Custom Equation
FEM Discretizations
- Constant P0
- Linear Lagrange (P1/Q1)
- Higher order (P2/Q2-P5/Q5)
- Non-conforming/Hermite
- Direct (Built-in multiphysics)
- Stationary/Time-dependent
- FEniCS (External multiphysics)
- OpenFOAM (External CFD)
- surface plot
- iso-contour plot
- slice plot
- arrow plot
- height plot
- point/line expression evaluation
- min/max computation
- subdomain/boundary integration
- Plotly, GMV, and JPEG/PNG export