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FEAToolCFD 1AcademicPro 5Enterprise
License type1 Year1 YearPerpetualPerpetual
Usage typeStudent / PersonalResearchCommercialCommercial
Product updates
Technical support 2
Premium support 3
Customization & feature development 4
Purchase 6,7US$ 120US$ 495US$ 2995Inquire
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1) CFDTool, based on the FEATool Multiphysics, has been specifically designed to make CFD simulations easy, and is therefore limited to 1D and 2D GUI usage, and simulations with coupled fluid flow and heat transfer.

2) All FEATool licenses includes support for activation, installation, and bug-related issues. Technical and modeling support is only available with the corresponding licenses.

3) Premium support entitles support from dedicated developers with custom solutions and fixes with target response time within 24-hours.

4) FEATool Enterprise solutions offer completely custom solutions, consulting for simulation and modeling, and custom and stand-alone app building based on the FEATool source code (fully compatible with the MATLAB compiler).

5) 1 Year of product updates and technical support is included with all perpetual licenses. After the inital year the upgrade and support contract may be extended for 25% of the current license price for each additional year.

6) FEATool Multiphysics and CFDTool licenses are available on annual basis, and can only be purchased online by credit card in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD). Custom orders for perpetual and custom licenses can be paid by invoice in any major currency.

7) Individual licenses are restricted to a single designated computer system/seat (a transfer free may be charged to transfer licenses between installations/seats).

FEATool MultiphysicsFeatures
Graphical User Interface GUI
Command Line Interface CLI Scripting
File/model format
- Binary
- m-file script (ASCII)
Geometry/CAD preprocessing
- 1D, 2D, Axisymmetry, 3D
- CAD File Import (2D/3D STL)
Grid/mesh generation
- Automatic
- External (Gmsh, Gridgen2D, Triangle)
- Manual (Structured)
- Supports simplex (line, triangular, tetrahedral), quadrilateral, and hexanedral grids
Grid import/export
- Dolfin XML, FEniCS, GiD, GMV,
Gmsh, OpenFOAM, Triangle
- Heat Transfer
- Euler-Bernoulli Beam
- Plane Stress
- Plane Strain
- Axisymmetric Stress-Strain
- Linear Elasticity 3D Solid
- Convection, Diffusion, and Reaction
- Darcy's Law
- Brinkman equations
- Incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
- Swirl flows
- Compressible Euler equations
- Conductive Media DC
- Electrostatics
- Magnetostatics
- Poisson Equation
- Custom Equation
FEM Discretizations
- Constant P0
- Linear Lagrange (P1/Q1)
- Higher order (P2/Q2-P5/Q5)
- Non-conforming (P-1,P~1,Q~1)
- Hermite H3
- Direct (Built-in multiphysics)
- Stationary/Time-dependent
- FEniCS (External multiphysics)
- OpenFOAM (External CFD)
- surface plot
- iso-contour plot
- slice plot
- arrow plot
- height plot
- point/line expression evaluation
- min/max computation
- subdomain/boundary integration
- Plotly, GMV, and JPEG/PNG export