FEATool Multiphysics v1.6 Released

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FEATool Multiphysics - Version 1.6

FEATool is designed to be a very easy to use, flexible, and customizable PDE and FEM Continuum Mechanics and Multiphysics Simulation Toolbox for MATLAB. This release brings the following major features and improvements

FEATool v1.6 with CFD - Easy and Efficient CFD Simulations in MATLAB

A dedicated high performance CFD solver is now integrated with FEATool. For the first time, this allows high performance CFD simulations from an easy to use and convenient GUI directly in MATLAB.

The included open source CFD solver has been thoroughly tested, validated, and used in computational fluid dynamics benchmarks and in a wide variety of industrial fluid flow simulations such as heat exchangers, two-phase flows, screw and fixed industrial mixers, and more. Employing a novel and unique FEM multigrid solver approach the included CFD solver has consistently shown to be both faster and more accurate compared to both modern academic and commercial CFD codes [1], [2]. With the new FEATool integration a high performance CFD solver now can be used by everyone.

FEATool v1.6 - Automatic Quadrilateral Grid Generation

FEATool now also includes an experimental automatic quadrilateral grid generation function suitable for generating structured grids.

In addition grid smoothing and refinement functionality has been expanded and improved, as well as allowing conversion between simplex (triangle and tetrahedral) and structured (quadrilateral and hexahedral) grid cells.

FEATool v1.6 - High Order FEM Shape Functions

The FEATool Finite Element FEM basis function library has been expanded for increased accuracy to include conforming Lagrange functions up to fifth order (P1-P5/Q1-Q5), and also C1 Hermite functions with continous derivatives in 1D and 2D.

General Improvements

  • New examples including three axisymmetric stress-strain models, two non-linear PDE models, and one new 2D Laplace equation test model

  • GUI fixes, bug fixes and stability improvements

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