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Product ⓘ CFDTool is based on the FEATool Multiphysics simulation platform, and features a simplified interface specially tailored for fluid dynamics and heat transfer simulationsCFDTool
1D, 2D, 3D Simulation ⓘ Modeling and simulation in 1D, 2D, Axisymmetry (with swirl effects), as well as full 3D
CAD Geometry Modeling ⓘ Built-in CAD tools for 2D and 3D geometry modeling, including geometry import and export in BREP, IGES, OBJ, STEP, and STL CAD exchange formats
Automatic Mesh Generation ⓘ Automatic unstructured mesh generation and mesh import/export is supported using either of the built-in, GiD, Gmsh, Gridgen2D and Triangle mesh generators
Postprocessing & Visualization ⓘ Built-in postprocessing, visualization, and analysis tools are available as well as data export to CSV, GMV, ParaView VTK, and Plotly visualization formats and tools
Heat Transfer ⓘ Physics for conjugate heat transfer is pre-defined with optional convective flow and user defined reaction/source term
Structural Mechanics ⓘ Pre-defined physics modes for linear elastic stress-strain modeling
Fluid Dynamics ⓘ Incompressible laminar and turbulent flows (Navier-Stokes equations with RANS turbulence models), as well as the compressible inviscid Euler equations is supported
Electromagnetics ⓘ Physics modes for modeling and simulation of electrostatic and magnetostatic effects
Multiphysics ⓘ FEATool Multiphysics also features pre-defined equations for structural mechanics, electromagnetics, classic PDEs and also supports user-defined PDEs and multiphysics couplings
MATLAB Solver ⓘ The built-in solvers supports linear, non-linear, and time-dependent coupled solution of multiphysics systems (as well as eigenvalue/frequency solver where applicable)
OpenFOAM CFD Solver ⓘ The OpenFOAM solver integration allows OpenFOAM to be used directly from the toolbox GUI. Alternatively, one can also use the toolbox as GUI pre/post-processor to automatically create and export or import OpenFOAM grid and case files (requires additional download and setup)
SU2 CFD Solver ⓘ The external SU2 CFD solver comes included with the toolbox and can be used as an alternative to the built-in and OpenFOAM CFD solvers for fluid dynamics problems
FEniCS FEA Solver ⓘ FEniCS is a general finite element method based solver, supports general multiphysics problems as an alternative to the built-in multiphysics solver. The FEniCS solver integration allows multiphysics simulation problems to be exported to convenient Python simulation scripts (requires additional download and setup)
Script Modeling ⓘ FEATool Multiphysics supports saving and exporting simulation models as MATLAB m-file scripts which can be useful for advanced users to customize, parametrize, and automate physics simulations
User Defined Equations ⓘ User defined PDE equation and editing the built-in physics modes are both supported by FEATool Multiphysics to accommodate all types of custom modeling and continuum mechanics simulations
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