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file  conngrp.m
 CONNGRP Group connected sets.
file  cstrcmp.m
 CSTRCMP Compares cells of strings.
file  deduplicate.m
 DEDUPLICATE Remove duplicate rows or columns within tolerance.
file  dehtmlify.m
 DEHTMLIFY Remove html clauses from string.
file  expandeqn.m
 EXPANDEQN Expands an equation string expression.
file  findparblock.m
 FINDPARBLOCK Find parenthesis blocks.
file  interpl.m
 INTERPL Linear interpolation between points.
file  mergeeqncoefs.m
 MERGEEQNCOEFS Merge eqn struct coefficient fields.
file  parsecoef.m
 PARSECOEF Parse coefficients in problem struct.
file  parseeqn.m
 PARSEEQN Parse string equations and return eqn struct.
file  parseexpr.m
 PARSEEXPR Parses a string expression.
file  parseopt.m
 PARSEOPT Parse options.
file  parsephys.m
 PARSEPHYS Check and parse physics modes.
file  parseprob.m
 PARSEPROB Check and parse a problem struct.
file  parseprob0.m
 PARSEPROB0 Low level check and parsing of a problem struct.
file  recursive_termsplit.m
 RECURSIVE_TERMSPLIT Splits a string expression recursively into terms.
file  remove_duplicate_rows.m
 REMOVE_DUPLICATE_ROWS Removes duplicate rows.
file  remove_parentheses.m
 REMOVE_PARENTHESES Remove outer parentheses from string expression.
file  rmkdir.m
 RMKDIR Recursively create directories.
file  set_geomlib.m
 SET_GEOMLIB Set geomlib version.
file  stfldcheck.m
 STFLDCHECK Traverse the struct ST0 and checks if all fields in C exist.
file  strconv.m
 STRCONV Convert string into numeric and string data.
file  stringify.m
 STRINGIFY Convert input to string.
file  symvarbe.m
 SYMVARBE Determine the symbolic variables in an expression.
file  termsplit.m
 TERMSPLIT Splits string into terms.
file  timerfun.m
 TIMERFUN Create single timer function.
file  urlget.m
 URLGET Get/fetch file from url.
file  uunique.m
 UUNIQUE Unsorted set unique.