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physmodes Directory Reference
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file  addphys.m
 ADDPHYS Parse and add physics mode to problem struct.
file  conductivemediadc.m
 CONDUCTIVEMEDIADC Conductive media DC physics mode.
file  convectiondiffusion.m
 CONVECTIONDIFFUSION Convection and diffusion physics mode definition.
file  customeqn.m
 CUSTOMEQN Custom equation physics mode definition.
file  heattransfer.m
 HEATTRANSFER Heat transfer physics mode definition.
file  linearelasticity.m
 LINEARELASTICITY Linear elasticity physics mode.
file  list_physmodes.m
 LIST_PHYSMODES Lists the available physics modes.
file  navierstokes.m
 NAVIERSTOKES Navier-Stokes equations physics mode.
file  physmode.m
 PHYSMODE Finishes a physics mode and returns the phys struct.
file  planestrain.m
 PLANESTRAIN Plane strain physics mode.
file  planestress.m
 PLANESTRESS Plane stress physics mode.
file  poisson.m
 POISSON Poisson equation physics mode definition.