FEATool Multiphysics  v1.11
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
evalexpr.m File Reference


EVALEXPR Evaluates an expression in specified points.

[ VEVAL ] = EVALEXPR( S_EXPR, XP, PROB, SOLNUM, VEC_EVAL, TOL ) Evaluates the expression S_EXPR in the points specified in XP (in global x/y/z-coordinates). PROB is a valid finite element problem struct. The VEC_EVAL flag (default true) toggles vectorized evaluation for dof variables with P0-P2 fem shape functions. TOL is a tolerance used by ismembertol/deduplicate to determined which if any evaluation points in XP are aligned with grid points.

Input       Value/[Size]           Description
s_expr      string                 String expression to evaluate
xp          [n_sdim,n_xp]          Coordinates of evaluation points
prob        struct                 Problem definition struct
solnum      scalar  {n_sols}       Solution number/time to evaluate
vec_eval    logical {true}         Use vectorized evaluation for dep. variables
tol         scalar  {1e-5}         Tolerance for evalation/grid points
Output      Value/(Size)           Description
vEval       [n_xp,1]               Output vector of evaluated values