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ex_convdiff5.m File Reference


EX_CONVDIFF5 2D Convection and diffusion equation with high Peclet number.

[ FEA, OUT ] = EX_CONVDIFF5( VARARGIN ) Convection and diffusion equation on a unit square with high Peclet (Cell Reynolds) number requiring artificial stabilization/numerical diffusion. Accepts the following property/value pairs.

Input       Value/{Default}        Description
igrid       scalar {0}/1           Cell type (0=quadrilaterals, 1=triangles)
hmax        scalar {1/20}          Max grid cell size
a           scalar {cos(pi/3)}     Convection velocity in x-direction
b           scalar {sin(pi/3)}     Convection velocity in y-direction
cd          scalar {1e-4}          Diffusion coefficient
sfun        string {sflag1}        Shape function
artstab     scalar {1}/0/2         Artificial stabilization (0=no stabilization)
                                   1=isotropic diffusion, 2=streamline diffusion
iplot       scalar {1}/0           Plot solution (=1)
Output      Value/(Size)           Description
fea         struct                 Problem definition struct
out         struct                 Output stuct
Generated fields of fea:
Generated fields of out: