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ex_heattransfer1.m File Reference


EX_HEATTRANSFER1 2D ceramic strip with radiation and convection.

[ FEA, OUT ] = EX_HEATTRANSFER1( VARARGIN ) 2D heat transfer of a ceramic strip with both radiation and convection on the top boundary.

  _                q = h*(T_inf-T) + epsilon*sigma*(T_inf^4-T^4)
  ^            +------------------+
  |            |                  |
  |            |                  |
0.01m  T=900C  |                  |  T=900C
  |            |                  |
  |            |                  |
  v            +------------------+
                    dt/dn = 0
               |<---- 0.02m ----->|

The ceramic has a thermal conductivity of 50 W/mC and the sides are fixed at a temperature of 900C while the bottom boundary is insulated. The surrounding temperature is 50C. The top boundary is exposed to both natural convection (with a film coefficient h=50W/m^2K) and radiation (with emissivity epsilon=0.7 and the Stefan-Boltzmann 5.669e-8 W/m^2K^4). The solution is sought at three points along the vertical symmetry line.

  [1] Holman, J. P., Heat Transfer, Fifth Edition, New York: McGraw-Hill,
      1981, page 96, Example 3-8.

Accepts the following property/value pairs.

Input       Value/{Default}        Description
hmax        scalar {0.001}         Grid cell size
igrid       scalar {0}/1/2         Cell type (0=quadrilaterals, 1=triangles,
sfun        string {sflag1}        Finite element shape function
iplot       scalar {1}/0           Plot solution (=1)
Output      Value/(Size)           Description
fea         struct                 Problem definition struct
out         struct                 Output stuct
Generated fields of fea:
Generated fields of out: