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ex_heattransfer4.m File Reference


EX_HEATTRANSFER4 2D Heat transfer with convective cooling.

[ FEA, OUT ] = EX_HEATTRANSFER4( VARARGIN ) NAFEMS T4 benchmark example for two dimensional heat transfer with convective heat flux boundary conditions.

 _            q_n=h*(T_amb-T)
 ^        +--------+
 |        |        |
 |  q_n=0 |        | q_n=h*(T_amb-T)
1m        |        |
 |        |   T(0.6,0.2)?
 |        |        |
 v        +--------+


A 0.6 by 1 m iron plate, with density 7850 kg/m^3, heat capacity 460 J/kgC, and thermal conductivity 52 W/mC, is prescribed a fixed temperature of T = 100 C at the bottom edge. The left side is insulated, and the right and top boundaries exposed to convective cooling with a heat transfer coefficient h = 750 W/m^2K. The steady state temperature at the point (0.6,0.2) is sought when the surrounding ambient temperature is T_amb = 0 C.

  [1] Cameron AD, Casey JA, Simpson GB. Benchmark Tests for Thermal Analysis,
      The National Agency for Finite Element Standards, UK, 1986.

Accepts the following property/value pairs.

Input       Value/{Default}        Description
hmax        scalar {0.025}         Grid cell size
igrid       scalar {0}/1/2         Cell type (0=quadrilaterals, 1=triangles,
                                   2=triangles converted from quadrilaterals)
sfun        string {sflag1}        Finite element shape function
istat       scalar {1}/0           Use stationary (=1), or time dependent solver
iplot       scalar {1}/1           Plot solution (=1)
Output      Value/(Size)           Description
fea         struct                 Problem definition struct
out         struct                 Output stuct
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