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ex_heattransfer5.m File Reference


EX_HEATTRANSFER5 2D Transient cooling shrink fitting example.

[ FEA, OUT ] = EX_HEATTRANSFER5( VARARGIN ) This example models transient cooling for shrink fitting a two part assembly. A tungsten rod heated to 84 C is inserted into a -10 C chilled steel frame part. The time when the maximum temperature has cooled to 70 C should be determined. The assembly is cooled due to convection through a surrounding medium kept at 17 C and a heat transfer coefficient of 750 W/m^2K [1].

  [1] Krysl P. A Pragmatic Introduction to the Finite Element Method
      for Thermal and Stress Analysis. Pressure Cooker Press, USA, 2005.

Accepts the following property/value pairs.

Input       Value/{Default}        Description
hmax        scalar {0.0025}        Grid cell size
sfun        string {sflag1}        Finite element shape function
iplot       scalar {1}/0           Plot solution (=1)
Output      Value/(Size)           Description
fea         struct                 Problem definition struct
out         struct                 Output stuct
Generated fields of fea:
Generated fields of out: