FEATool Multiphysics  v1.16.1
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
export_xls.m File Reference


EXPORT_XLS Export grid and data in Excel format.


Export of grid points and corresponding solution/expression data in Excel format. The output file will consist of a header line with the space coordinate names, dependent variable names, and given expressions (columns). This is followed by the actual data rows where one line corresponds to the data for the specific grid point.

FILENAME gives the output file name. FEA must be a valid FEA data struct, EXPR is optionally a cell array with expressions to process (the grid coordinates and dependent variables in the FEA struct will be prepended to EXPR). SOLNUM is optionally the solution number of which to evaluate the expressions. FID_LOG is an optional log file handle for message output (negative for gui output or empty for no output).