FEATool Multiphysics  v1.14
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
gobj_torus.m File Reference


GOBJ_TORUS Create torus geometry object.

[ GOBJ ] = GOBJ_TORUS( P, RC, RT, AX, TAG, N_S ) Creates an torus geometry object. Accepts the following input parameters.

Parameter   Value/{Default}           Description
p           array   {[0 0 0]}         Coordinates of center point
rc          scalar  {1}               Torus radius (tube center to torus center)
rt          scalar  {0.25}            Torus tube radius
ax          scalar/array {[1,0,0]}    Axis direction (1/2/3 = x/y/z-axis)
                                      alt. axis direction vector (ex. [1,1,0])
n_s         scalar  {16}              Number of circumferential boundary segments
tag         string  {T1}              Geometry object tag/name