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gridgen.m File Reference


GRIDGEN Generate unstructured grid for geometry objects.

[ GRID ] = GRIDGEN( SIN, VARARGIN ) Function to generate a grid for geometry objects by calling the exernal DISTMESH library. SIN is a valid fea problem struct or cell array or geometry objects. Accepts the following property/value pairs.

Property    Value/{Default}           Description
hmax        scalar {0.1}              Target grid size
itmax       scalar {1000}             Maximium number of iterations.
iplot       scalar 0-2/{1}            Flag to output mesh statistics (>0) and
                                      plot and display the grid (=2)
merge       scalar {1}                Flag to merge geometry objects
fixpnt      array  [n_p,n_sdim]       Array points that must be in grid (DistMesh)
hdfcn       function handle           Grid point distribution function (DistMesh)
sortbdr     scalar/{1}                Perform boundary sorting/renumbering
waitbar     scalar/{0}                Show waitbar
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Required fields of sin:
Generated fields of grid: