FEATool Multiphysics  v1.14
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
impexp_obj.m File Reference


IMPEXP_OBJ Import/export geometry in OBJ format.

[ GEOM ] = IMPEXP_OBJ( FILE_NAME, MODE, GEOM, TEST2D ) Import and export of 3D CAD geometries in Wavefront OBJ format. Only triangular facets with the Obj fields v for vertices, f for faces, and g for boundary groups are supported. The TEST2D flag (default true) checks if all abs(z coordinates)<eps and reconstructs a 2D planar geometry object.

FILE_NAME is a string which specifies the file name to process.

MODE is a string indicating either IMPORT (default) or EXPORT.

During export, a FEATool geometry struct GEOM must also be provided. If provided during import the output geometry will include the original geometry objects.