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Welcome to FEAToolTM (short for Finite Element Analysis Toolbox), a GNU Octave and Matlab® toolbox for modeling and simulation of physics, partial differential equations (PDEs), and mathematical problems with the finite element method (FEM).

We aim to provide an easy to use and comprehensive all-in-one package for finite element and multiphysics analysis. FEATool combines the best of ease of use, power, and extensibility for both beginners and advanced users with an intuitive and quick to learn graphical user interface (GUI), a complete library of grid generation, FEM, and postprocessing functions, as well as command line interface (CLI) programming, and scripting capabilities.

In this way hope that FEATool will be suitable for everyone from students learning mathematical modeling and numerical analysis, researchers seeking a modeling environment that is extensible, quick to learn, and easy to implement their own ideas in, to professionals and engineers wishing to explore new ideas in a simple and convenient way.

We really hope you will enjoy using and working with us and FEATool, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for improvements.

FEATool User's Guide

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