FEATool Multiphysics  v1.10
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
openfoam.m File Reference


OPENFOAM Exports, solves, and imports an OpenFOAM CFD problem.

[ U, TLIST, VARS ] = OPENFOAM( PROB, VARARGIN ) Export, solves, or imports the solved problem described in the PROB finite element struct using the OpenFOAM CFD solver. Accepts the following property/value pairs, moreover also accepts the openfoam_data property/value pairs to set the OpenFOAM dicts during export.

Input       Value/{Default}              Description
mode        check, export, solve, import Command mode(s) to call (default all)
data        default                      Default OpenFOAM data and parameter dict
init        scalar {[]}                  Initial values   []: init expressions
                                           i: use solution -1: potential flow
turb        struct                       Turbulence data struct fields
                                           model, inlet [k,e/o], wallfcn [1/0]
interp      scalar {2}                   Interpolate solution to grid points
                                           1: no weighting 2: cell volume weighting
control     logical {0}                  Show solver control panel.
casedir     default                      OpenFOAM case directory
foamdir     default                      OpenFOAM installation directory
logfname    default                      OpenFOAM log/output filename
fid/logfid  scalar {1}                   Log file/message output file handle
hax         handle                       Axis handle to plot convergence
naxts       scalar {250}                 Maximum number of time steps to plot
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