FEATool Multiphysics  v1.16.4
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
solvestat.m File Reference


SOLVESTAT Solve stationary problem.

[ U ] = SOLVESTAT( PROB, VARARGIN ) Solves the stationary problem described in the PROB finite element struct. Accepts the following property/value pairs.

Input       Value/{Default}              Description
linsolv     string/{mumps}               Sparse linear solver
                                             backslash, mumps, gmres, bicgstab, amg
nsolve      scalar/{1}                   Non-linear solution method
                                           1 - Fixed point (Picard) iteration
                                           2 - Newton method
                                          <0 - |nsolve|-Picard steps before Newton
jac         scalar/struct {0}            Newton Jacobian computation type
                                          struct - direct assembly using symbolic
                                            jac.form and jac.coef struct contents
                                           0 - using numerical differentiation
minnit      scalar/{0}                   Minimum number of non-linear iterations
maxnit      scalar/{25}                  Maximum number of non-linear iterations
nlrlx       scalar/string/{1.0}          Relaxation between non-linear iterations,
                                         scalar or string expr. ex 0.5*(1+(it>5))
nlinasm     logical/{[0 0 0]}            Force non-linear reassembly of A, f, bdrn
toldef      scalar/{1e-6}                Stopping criteria for solution defects
tolchg      scalar/{1e-6}                Stopping criteria for solution changes
reldef      logical/{0}                  Check relative defect changes
relchg      logical/{1}                  Check relative solution changes
init        u0|{expr}/{0}                Initial value solution or expression
solcomp     {all dvars}                  Dep. variables/subdomains to solve for
icub        scalar/{auto}                Cubature rule/order used in assembly
                                         Default 1+max(shape function order)
isymm       scalar/{0}                   Symmetrize BCs if applicable
waitbar     scalar/{0}                   Show waitbar
fid         scalar/{1}                   File identifier for output ([]=no output)
See also
solvetime, solveeig