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solvetime.m File Reference


SOLVETIME Solve time-dependent problem.

[ U, TLIST ] = SOLVETIME( PROB, VARARGIN ) Solves the time-dependent problem described in the PROB finite element struct. Accepts the following property/value pairs.

Input       Value/{Default}              Description
tstep       scalar/{0.1}                 Time step size (average for FS-scheme)
tmax        scalar/{1}                   Maximum simulation time
tstop       scalar/{1e-6}                Stopping criterita
                                         (for solution changes in time)
ischeme scalar/{2} Time stepping scheme
1 = 1st order Backward Euler 2 = 2nd order Crank-Nicolson 3 = 2nd order Fractional-step-theta
imass scalar/{2} Mass matrix lumping
1 = Full mass matrix 2 = row sum lumping 3 = diagonal lumping 4 = HRZ diagonal lumping icub scalar/{2} Cubature rule/order used in assembly minnit scalar/{0} Minimum number of non-linear iterations maxnit scalar/{20} Maximum number of non-linear iterations nstbwe scalar/{0} Number of initial forced BE steps nlrlx scalar/string/{1.0} Relaxation for non-linear iter., scalar or string expression, ex (1+(t_sim>5))/2 nlinasm logical/{[0 0 0 0]} Force reassembly of M, A, f, bdrn toldef scalar/{1e-6} Stopping criteria for solution defects tolchg scalar/{1e-6} Stopping criteria for solution changes reldef logical/{0} Check relative defect changes relchg logical/{0} Check relative solution changes init u0|{expr}/{0} Initial value solution or experession solcomp {all dvars} Dep. variables/subdomains to solve for waitbar scalar/{0} Show waitbar fid scalar/{1} File identifier for output ([]=no output)
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