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circgrid.m File Reference


CIRCGRID Generate 2d quadrilateral grid for a circle.

[ GRID ] = CIRCGRID( NS, NR, R, XP, TH_OFFSET ) Generates a quadrilateral grid for a circular domain with NS+NR cells in the radial direction. NS specifies the cell resolution of the inner square (default 4), and NR the number of cells in the radial direction of the outer layer (default 3). The optional arguments R and XP = [x0;y0] specify the radius and center coordinates of the circle (default R = 1 and XP = [0;0]). Furthermore, TH_OFFSET specifies a rotation of the whole grid.

1) A 64 cell grid for a circle with radius 1 centered at [ 0, 0 ]
  grid = circgrid();
2) A 1024 cell grid for a circle with radius 0.5 centered at [ 1, 1 ]
  grid = circgrid( 16, 12, 0.5, [1;1], 0 );
See also
cylgrid, blockgrid, holegrid, linegrid, rectgrid, ringgrid, spheregrid