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grid Directory Reference
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file  assign_bdr.m
 ASSIGN_BDR Assign boundary numbering according to geometry.
file  blockgrid.m
 BLOCKGRID Generate 3D regular tensor product hexahedral grid.
file  circgrid.m
 CIRCGRID Generate 2d quadrilateral grid for a circle.
file  constrain_edges.m
 CONSTRAIN_EDGES Constrains edges in a triangulation.
file  cylgrid.m
 CYLGRID Generate 3d cylindrical hexahedral grid.
file  delcells.m
 DELCELLS Delete cells from grid.
file  findbdr.m
 FINDBDR Find boundary indices for an expression.
file  grid_boundary_nodes.m
 GRID_BOUNDARY_NODES Get index to nodes on the boundaries.
file  gridadj.m
 GRIDADJ Generate grid cell adjacency information.
file  gridalign2.m
 GRIDALIGN2 Align vertices of quadrilateral cells with interface.
file  gridbdr.m
 GRIDBDR Generate grid boundary information.
file  gridbdr1.m
 GRIDBDR1 Generate grid boundary information for one dimensional cells.
file  gridbdrx.m
 GRIDBDRX Reconstruct interior boundaries.
file  gridbfstf.m
 GRIDBFSTF Find starting face.
file  gridcheck.m
 GRIDCHECK Check grid for errors.
file  gridconne.m
 GRIDCONNE Group connected edges/faces.
file  gridedge.m
 GRIDEDGE Generate grid cell edge numbering.
file  gridextrude.m
 GRIDEXTRUDE Extrude 2D grid to 3D.
file  gridface.m
 GRIDFACE Generate grid cell face numbering.
file  gridgen_distmesh.m
 GRIDGEN_DISTMESH Generate unstructured grid for geometry objects.
file  gridgen_gmsh.m
 GRIDGEN_GMSH Generate grid with Gmsh.
file  gridgen_quad.m
 GRIDGEN_QUAD Generate quadrilateral grid for a geometry object.
file  gridgen_triangle.m
 GRIDGEN_TRIANGLE Generate unstructured 2D grid with Triangle.
file  gridmerge.m
 GRIDMERGE Merge two grids.
file  gridnormals.m
 GRIDNORMALS Compute normal vectors.
file  gridrefine.m
 GRIDREFINE Uniform refinement of a grid.
file  gridrefine1.m
 GRIDREFINE1 Uniform refinement of a 1D grid.
file  gridrefine2.m
 GRIDREFINE2 Uniform refinement of a 2D grid.
file  gridrefine3.m
 GRIDREFINE3 Uniform refinement of a 3D grid.
file  gridrevolve.m
 GRIDREVOLVE Revolve and extrude a 2D grid.
file  gridrotate.m
 GRIDROTATE Rotate grid.
file  gridscale.m
 GRIDSCALE Scale a grid.
file  gridsmooth.m
 GRIDSMOOTH Grid smoothing.
file  gridstat.m
 GRIDSTAT Grid statistics.
file  gridvert.m
 GRIDVERT Generate grid vertex adjacency map.
file  hex2tet.m
 HEX2TET Convert hexahedra to tetrahedra.
file  holegrid.m
 HOLEGRID Generate 2d rectangular grid with a circular hole.
file  linegrid.m
 LINEGRID Generate 1D line grid.
file  mesh_boundaries.m
 MESH_BOUNDARIES Mesh boundaries.
file  mesh_size.m
 MESH_SIZE Define mesh sizes.
file  project_bdrp.m
 PROJECT_BDRP Project boundary points to geometric boundary.
file  quad2tri.m
 QUAD2TRI Convert quadrilaterals to triangles.
file  quadmesh.m
 QUADMESH Generate quadrilateral mesh using distance functions.
file  reconstruct_bdr.m
 ASSIGN_BOUNDARIES Assign and reconstruct boundary struct.
file  rectgrid.m
 RECTGRID Generate 2D rectangular tensor product quadrilateral grid.
file  reorient_cells.m
 REORIENT_CELLS Reorient cells to corrent orientation.
file  ringgrid.m
 RINGGRID Generate 2d grid of a ring.
file  searchgraph.m
 SEARCHGRAPH Find path from two points in edge graph.
file  selcells.m
 SELCELLS Select cells from expression.
file  spheregrid.m
 SPHEREGRID Generate 3d hexahedral grid for a sphere.
file  tet2hex.m
 TET2HEX Convert tetrahedra to hexahedra.
file  tri2quad.m
 TRI2QUAD Convert triangles to quadrilaterals.