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gridextrude.m File Reference


GRIDEXTRUDE Extrude a 2D grid in the z-direction.

[ GRID ] = GRIDEXTRUDE( GRID, NZ, LZ, AX ) Extrudes a 2D GRID to generate a 3D grid. NZ is the number of cells in the z-direction and LZ the length of the extrusion. AX optionally rotates and aligns the grid with the corresponding axis (default 3 which is the z-axis).

1) Create an annulus to a tube
  grid = ringgrid( 2, 16 );
  grid = gridextrude( grid, 10, 5, 3 );

  2) Extrude a composite grid by a length of 3 in the x-direction.

  grid = holegrid( 6, 5 );
  grid = delcells( grid, <tt>((x>0).*(y>0))==0</tt> );
  grid = gridextrude( grid, 12, 3, 1 )
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