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gridvert.m File Reference


GRIDVERT Generate grid vertex adjacency map.

[ V, VV ] = GRIDVERT( C, INDC ) Generates an sparse map V which indicates which cells are connected to each other through the nodes.

Input       Value/(Size)           Description
c           (n_v,n_c)              Cell connectivity pointer array where the
                                   entries in each column correspond to the
                                   cell vertex numbers specifying the cells.
indc        vector                 Index to cells for which to compute map
n_sdim      scalar                 Optional input argument indicating computation.
                                   of connectivities for connected edges.
Output      Value/(Size)           Description
v           sparse(n_c,n_p)        Sparse array indicating which grid points are
                                   connected through cell connectivities. Or with
                                   three input arguments a which grid points are
                                   connected though the edges.
vv          sparse(n_p,n_p)        Sparse array which for each row indicates
                                   which nodes are connected (through cells/edges).