FEATool Multiphysics  v1.11
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
fenics.m File Reference


FENICS Exports, solves, and imports a FEniCS project.

[ PROB ] = FENICS( PROB, VARARGIN ) Export, solves, or imports the solved problem described in the PROB finite element struct using the FEniCS project solver. Accepts the following property/value pairs.

Input       Value/{Default}              Description
modes       data, export, solve, import  Command mode(s) to call (default all)
data        default                      FEniCS input data file to use
fname       featool-fenics               FEniCS base filename root
fdir        string  {pwd}                Directory to write mesh and data files
order       scalar  {2}                  Integration order used in c-expressions
scmd        system default               Custom system solve command string
ccmd        string                       FEniCS installation bash check command
            python -c "import dolfin;print(dolfin.dolfin_version())"
wbash       C:\Windows\System32\bash.exe Windows bash executable path
clear       boolean {true}               Clear output and log files
pause       boolean {false}              Pause external log terminal
fid         scalar  {1}                  File identifier for output ([]=no output)
  1) Uniform heating of a unit circle.

  fea.sdim = {'x', 'y'};
  fea.grid = quad2tri(circgrid());

  fea = addphys(fea, @heattransfer);
  fea.phys.ht.eqn.coef{6,end} = {1};   % Heat source term.
  fea.phys.ht.bdr.sel(:) = 1;          % Zero temperature boundary conditions.

  fea = parsephys(fea);                % Parse physics mode and fea problem struct.
  fea = parseprob(fea);

  fea = fenics(fea);

  postplot(fea, 'surfexpr', 'T')