FEATool  v1.8
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
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 addpaths.mADDPATHS Add/remove FEATool directories to/from working paths
 evalexpr.mEVALEXPR Evaluates an expression in points
 featool.mFEATOOL Start the FEATool Multiphysics GUI
 gridgen.mGRIDGEN Grid generation for geometry objects
 install.mINSTALL Add the FEATool toolbox to the Octave/Matlab path
 intbdr.mINTBDR Integation of expression over boundaries
 intsubd.mINTSUBD Integate expression over subdomains
 minmaxbdr.mMINMAXBDR Calculate boundary minima and maxima
 minmaxsubd.mMINMAXSUBD Calculate subdomain minima and maxima
 plotbdr.mPLOTBDR Boundary plot function
 plotgeom.mPLOTGEOM Visualization of geometry objects
 plotgrid.mPLOTGRID Grid plot function
 plotsubd.mPLOTSUBD Subdomain plotting function
 postplot.mPOSTPLOT Postprocessing and visualization function
 solvestat.mSOLVESTAT Solve stationary problem
 solvetime.mSOLVETIME Solve time-dependent problem
 uninstall.mUNINSTALL Remove the FEATool toolbox from the Octave/Matlab path