FEATool Multiphysics  v1.10
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox

A selection of tutorial models and examples are presented in this section. These and other model examples can also be selected and automatically run from the File > Model Examples and Tutorials... menu.


When an automated tutorial is selected, the Run Model dialog box will open and show a description and information about the tutorial example. The tutorial can be started by pressing the Run button. de-selecting the Tutorial mode toggle button will run the tutorial in fast automatic mode without any pauses. When a tutorial or finite element script (fes) model is run, the GUI Playback Control panel below is opened where the Playback Speed can be controlled via the slider. Setting the slider to the slowest (far left) setting pauses the tutorial playback and enables the Step button to manually step through the tutorial at ones own pace. Closing the playback control panel or pressing the Cancel button stops the tutorial at the current state.


Heat Transfer

Transient Heat Diffusion in a Rod

Heat Transfer in a Ceramic Strip

Shrink Fitting of an Assembly

Heat Exchanger

Natural Convection in a Square Cavity

Resistive Heating in a Tungsten Filament

Heat Induced Stress in a Brake Disc

Fluid Dynamics

Laminar Channel Flow

Flow in Driven Cavity

Axisymmetric Fluid Flow

Flow Around a Cylinder

Flow Over a Backwards Facing Step

Vortex Flow

Potential Flow Over an Airfoil

Supersonic Flow Over an Obstacle

Turbulent Flow Over a Backwards Facing Step (OpenFOAM)

Flow in Porous Media

Natural Convection in a Square Cavity

Shallow Water Equations

Structural Mechanics

Thin Plate with Hole

Cantilever Beam

Deflection of a Bracket

Cylindrical Pressure Vessel

Vibration Modes of a Hollow Cylinder

Stress Analysis of a Thick Plate

Deformation of a Spanner

Heat Induced Stress in a Brake Disc

Piezoelectric Bending of a Beam


Electrostatic Spherical Capacitor

Magnetic Field Around a Horseshoe Magnet

Two Material Wave Guide Interface

Piezoelectric Bending of a Beam


Heat Exchanger

Resistive Heating in a Tungsten Filament

Flow in Porous Media

Heat Induced Stress in a Brake Disc

Natural Convection in a Square Cavity

Piezoelectric Bending of a Beam

Thermo-Mechanical Bending of a Beam

Classic PDE

Poisson Equation

Poisson Equation with a Point Source

Wave Equation on a Circle

Vibrations of a Circular Membrane

Resonance Frequencies of a Room

Black-Scholes Equation

Shallow Water Equations

Interference and Diffraction

Script File Examples

The following selection of MATLAB m-file script examples and test cases can be found in the examples directory of the FEATool installation folder.

ex_axistressstrain1Axisymmetric stress-strain of a hollow cylinder.
ex_axistressstrain2Axisymmetric stress-strain of a hollow sphere.
ex_axistressstrain3Axisymmetric disc with fixed edge and point load.
ex_axistressstrain4Stress formed in brake disk due to heat build up.
ex_axistressstrain5Axisymmetric vibration modes of a hollow cylinder.
ex_brinkman1Coupled porous and incompressible laminar flow.
ex_classicpde1Eigenmodes for a circular drum.
ex_classicpde2Eigenmodes for a L-shaped membrane.
ex_compressibleeuler11D compressible Euler SOD shock tube problem.
ex_compressibleeuler22D compressible Euler oblique shock problem.
ex_compressibleeuler32D compressible Euler reflected shock problem.
ex_compressibleeuler42D compressible Euler inviscid supersonic flow over a bump.
ex_convdiff1Convection and diffusion on a unit square.
ex_convdiff2Periodic convection and diffusion on a line with exact solution.
ex_convdiff3Infinite time dependent convection and diffusion on a line.
ex_convdiff4One dimensional Burgers equation with steady solution.
ex_convdiff5Dominating convection example requiring artificial stabilization.
ex_convdiff61D stationary convection-diffusion-reaction with exact solution.
ex_convreact1Time dependent one dimensional convection and reaction model.
ex_custom_equation1Black-Scholes model equation implemented as a custom equation.
ex_darcy1Porous media flow in a packed bed reactor using Darcy's law.
ex_diffusion1Diffusion equation on a unit square with different solutions.
ex_diffusion2Diffusion equation on a line with exact solutions.
ex_electrostatics1Electrostatics test problem.
ex_electrostatics2Axisymmetric model of a spherical capacitor.
ex_euler_beam11D Euler-Bernoulli beam example.
ex_euler_beam21D Euler-Bernoulli beam vibration mode example.
ex_euler_beam31D Euler-Bernoulli beam vibration example.
ex_heat_exchanger1Free and forced convection in a heat exchanger.
ex_heattransfer12D heat conduction with natural convection and radiation.
ex_heattransfer2One dimensional stationary heat transfer with radiation.
ex_heattransfer3One dimensional transient heat conduction.
ex_heattransfer4Two dimensional heat transfer with convective cooling.
ex_heattransfer5Two dimensional transient cooling shrink fitting example.
ex_heattransfer6Axisymmetric steady state heat conduction of a cylinder.
ex_heattransfer7One dimensional transient heat conduction with analytic solution.
ex_laplace1Laplace equation on a unit square.
ex_laplace2Laplace equation on a unit circle.
ex_linearelasticity1Linear elasticity test case, solid stress-strain for a cube.
ex_linearelasticity2Three dimensional example of stress on a bracket.
ex_linearelasticity3Parametric study of the bracket deformation model.
ex_linearelasticity4Stress of loaded I-beam supported by two brackets.
ex_linearelasticity5Vibration of a square plate.
ex_magnetostatics1Magnetostatics test problem.
ex_magnetostatics2Magnet field around a horseshoe magnet.
ex_magnetostatics3Cylindrical magnet without electrical currents.
ex_magnetostatics4Axisymmetric model of cylindrical magnet.
ex_magnetostatics52D Magnetostatics test model.
ex_multiphase1Multiphase flow example of a static bubble.
ex_multiphase2Multiphase flow example of a rising bubble.
ex_multiphase3Multiphase flow example of a breaking dam.
ex_natural_convectionNatural convection in a square cavity.
ex_navierstokes1Incompressible fluid flow in a channel.
ex_navierstokes2Incompressible driven cavity flow.
ex_navierstokes3Incompressible fluid flow around a cylinder in a channel (Re=20).
ex_navierstokes3bFlow around a cylinder solver benchmark.
ex_navierstokes4Incompressible fluid flow over a backwards facing step.
ex_navierstokes5Two dimensional decay of a standing vortex.
ex_navierstokes6Time dependent flow around a cylinder in a channel (0<=Re<=100).
ex_navierstokes7Laminar flow in a curved three dimensional pipe.
ex_navierstokes8Axisymmetric flow in a circular pipe.
ex_navierstokes8bAxisymmetric pipe flow solver benchmark.
ex_navierstokes9Axisymmetric impinging jet.
ex_navierstokes103D flow in a pipe using the OpenFOAM solver.
ex_navierstokes113D cavity flow in a cube using the OpenFOAM solver.
ex_navierstokes123D flow over a backwards facing step using the OpenFOAM solver.
ex_navierstokes133D flow past a cylinder using the OpenFOAM solver.
ex_navierstokes142D Pousille flow due to pressure gradient.
ex_nonlinear_pde11D nonlinear PDE with analytical solution.
ex_nonlinear_pde21D nonlinear PDE with analytical solution extended to 2D.
ex_periodic1Moving 1D pulse in a periodic domain.
ex_periodic22D Periodic Poisson equation example.
ex_piezoelectric1Bending of a beam due to piezoelectric effects.
ex_planestrain12D Plane strain analysis of a pressure vessel.
ex_planestrain23D Plane strain analysis of a pressure vessel.
ex_planestress1Stress computation for a hole in a thin plate.
ex_planestress2NAFEMS plane stress benchmark example.
ex_planestress3NAFEMS plane stress benchmark of a tapered plate.
ex_planestress4NAFEMS benchmark of plate deformation due to thermal stress.
ex_planestress5NAFEMS benchmark for plane stress in an elliptic membrane.
ex_planestress62D Plane stress analysis of a pressure vessel.
ex_poisson1Poisson equation on a line.
ex_poisson2Poisson equation on a circle.
ex_poisson3Poisson equation on a unit square.
ex_poisson4Poisson equation on a rectangle with complex solution.
ex_poisson5Poisson equation on a sphere.
ex_poisson6Poisson equation on a unit cube.
ex_poisson7Poisson equation on a unit circle with a point constraint.
ex_potential_flow1Potential flow around a NACA wing profile.
ex_resistive_heating1Resistive heating of a spiral tungsten filament.
ex_robinbc11D example with a Robin boundary condition.
ex_spannerGmsh import of a mesh and stress calculation in a spanner.
ex_swirl_flow12D axisymmetric swirl flow in a tube with analytic solution.
ex_swirl_flow22D axisymmetric swirl flow in a stepped narrowing tubular region.
ex_swirl_flow32D axisymmetric time dependent Taylor-Couette swirl flow.
ex_swirl_flow42D axisymmetric swirl flow around a rotating disk.
ex_waveequation1Wave equation on a unit circle.